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Q1 ) Why should I join Green Mountain Neighbors when I am already friendly with my neighbors?

A: We are part of a nationwide network of villages with over 300 organizations.  In doing this, we can draw from over 24 years of collective experience.  We are also insured, have fully vetted volunteers, and will assess what the needs are of the members to determine feasibility and safety for the members and volunteers.  We also offer referrals to other organizations that can afford higher levels of assistance.  This provides us with better insight and oversight to serve our members.  One of our goals is to keep this organization sustainable for many years to come so that it will service and grow with its community.

Q2 ) Are you providing hands-on personal care?  For example, medication refills of hands-on aid?  

A: No, we provide non-medical services.  We will refer you to other resources that could help you.

Q3 ) Are you providing financial assistance?

A: No, but we can refer you to resources that will help you.

Q4 ) Do you have an inventory of assistive devices - canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc.?

A: No, but we refer you to resources that will help you.

Q5 ) Do you provide reises to someone who uses a wheelchair? What are the requirements for giving rides to anyone who needs assistance?

A: We will work with the member and volunteer to determine feasibility.

Q6 ) What type of small home repairs would you provide?

A: Some examples would include changing a light bulb, changing out screens, moving in law furniture for winter to storage in the spring, and changing smoke alarm batteries.

Q7 ) Will you provide dog walking or pet feeding?

A: Yes, on a short-term basis, depending on the pet's behavior and also that the pet has proper rabies and distemper shots or a town certificate.

Q8 ) Will you have someone available to do house-sitting?

A: Possibly on a short-term basis for less than 24 hours.

Q9 ) Do you provide plant care, indoor or outdoor gardening?

A: Yes, on a short-term basis.

Q10 ) Will GMN Volunteers shovel a walkway?

A: Yes, depending on availability of volunteers.  We will not shovel driveways.

Q11) Will you collect and return bottles and cans?

A: This is a possibility.  We would have to consider the amount of returns and frequency of the need.

Q12) Are there any limits on the number of times a service can be used in a certain time period?

A: Services are based on volunteer availability and short-term needs.

Q13) Will you take trash to the dump?

A: Yes, if we are provided with either a dump sticker or a prepaid card.

Q14) Will you provide any meal prep?

A: No, but we can refer you to organizations that can help you.

Q15) Will you do grocery shopping?

A: We will pick up items if a member orders online and prepays.  We will also help the member with assistance with ordering online, and we will also do grocery shopping with the member on a limited basis.

Q16) Will you provide pickup of medications at a pharmacy?

A: To be determined.

Q17) Will you do any light housekeeping such as sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, laundry, garbage collection, and composting?

A: This will depend on volunteer availability.

Q18) what type of events will you provide?

A: This will be driven by the interests of members but might include book clubs, exercise classes, game events, lectures, and more.

Q19) Will there be a fee adjustment for those members who are seasonal?

A: No

Q20) Can a member bring a guest to an event?

A: Yes, for one time, and the guest cannot be a household member.

Q21) Will you provide scholarships for members in financial need?

A: This will depend on our funding, and we are working on developing policies for eligibility.

Q22) What is your policy regarding providing rides in bad weather?

A: It will be up to the volunteer and the member to determine if they deem it safe to drive.